Life in Lockdown is something which came out of a family chat about trying to do something positive each day during this surreal time, with so much death and despair in the world. So I decided to pick up my camera and set up a challenge of taking a photo a day, trying to document and encapsulate this time with my family. 

After spending a year feeling guilty for working more than spending time with my kids, since 23rd March I have now had the best quality time with them. And whilst most of that time has been great, there have also been moments of frustration, boredom and worry.

Documenting the everyday realities of being a parent in lockdown has pushed me to document the mundane and everyday, but has also kept me ticking by every day too. I teach and lecture at @kec_creativearts and @wlv_photo, and have found juggling work with kids near impossible during lockdown. My husband works full time in I.T. and I teach 4 days and freelance in my photography work around the kids and teaching. So I've been lucky that I've been able to fit my teaching around the kids and work in the evenings and weekends. Rhea is 3.5years old and Jorvan is 1.5years old. So they require full attention in the day and anytime I have had to work in the day whilst looking after them has made my head spin!

Since becoming a parent I've made a point of not really publishing any photographs of my children online. So I was torn whether to publish these photographs, but I am so passionate about the representation of diversity that if I decided if I want to see the change in the world, I have to be that change. So ultimately showing the reality of being a parent during lockdown, all the ups and downs, over rode my social media ban of publishing any photographs of them online. 

Follow my Instagram to see how the my family life changes as lockdown eases and life starts to return back to some sort of normality.

Really pleased to announce that the continuation of this project until October has been funded by GRAIN Projects, Birmingham City Council and Arts Council England.

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