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Aurat ki Himmat zine

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From March to May 2021 Jaskirt Boora ran a series of photography workshops with women from the Birmingham Crisis Centre refuge. 

“Aurat ki Himmat is a collation of the ideas, thoughts and feelings The Super 7 explored. A combination of their refuge life, day to day happenings and ways of seeing the world. The workshops were intended to build skills and ideas, but they became more than that. We laughed, we cried, talked about our families and life. We shared truths that some, including myself, hadn’t previously opened up about. And it felt comfortable and safe to do so.” - Jaskirt Boora

All photographs featured in the zine were taken by The Super 7 using disposable cameras.

Details on zine:

- A5 zine

- 52 pages

- Printed on natural recycled paper

- Perfect bound

All proceeds from the sale (excluding p&p) will go back to the women's refuge Birmingham Crisis Centre. 

You can also donate directly to the charity via there website: 

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