Jaskirt Boora

Birmingham Lockdown Stories Book

“Growing up in a corner shop newsagent, a daughter of Panjabi immigrants, I had always known my neighbours. I’d lived in Sutton Coldfield for 6 years and hadn’t built that same sense of community until lockdown.

I made new friends and acquaintances with people on my street during our daily walks and through a socially distanced VE Street party.

When I got this commission with GRAIN I wanted to extend the feeling of good will and togetherness I had experienced to people who may not have been as fortunate. Through a network of family, friends, colleagues and organisations I began engaging with people across Birmingham about their life in lockdown. Each person chose a location that encapsulated their experience and together we recorded a dialogue of how the pandemic had affected them to produce the following narrative of their lockdown story.” Jaskirt Boora

This project was made possible thanks to a GRAIN Projects commission, part of the national programme 'Covid -19 Responses', supported by Birmingham City Council, ACE and National Lottery Players. Book design and production support from Mark Murphy | Surely. Printed by Ripe Digital.

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